iOS Games by Tutorials, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Learn to make iOS games!

Learn how to make your own iOS games using Swift and ’s game , Sprite Kit.

In this book (PDF format), you will make over 5 complete and polished mini-games, from an action game to a puzzle game to a racing game!

Covers both basic and advanced material in a fun and step-by-step manner. You will love this book!

Fully updated for iOS 8 and Swift – This new second edition is now fully updated for iOS 8, Swift, and 6!

Table of Contents

Section I: Getting Started
Chapter 1: Sprites
Chapter 2: Manual Movement
Chapter 3: Actions
Chapter 4: Scenes
Chapter 5: Scrolling
Chapter 6:

Section II: Labels and Particle Systems
Chapter 7: Labels
Chapter 8: Particle Systems

Section III: Physics and Nodes
Chapter 9: Beginning Physics
Chapter 10: Intermediate Physics
Chapter 11: Advanced Physics
Chapter 12: Crop, Video, and Shape Nodes
Chapter 13: Effect Nodes

Section IV: Tile Maps and Juice
Chapter 14: Beginning Tile Maps
Chapter 15: More Tile Maps
Chapter 16: Imported Tile Maps
Chapter 17: Saving and Loading Games
Chapter 18: Juice Up Your Game, Part 1
Chapter 19: Juice Up Your Game, Part 2

Section V: Other Game
Chapter 20: UIKit
Chapter 21: Accelerometer
Chapter 22: More OS X
Chapter 23: Game Center Achievements
Chapter 24: Game Center Leaderboards
Chapter 25: Game Center Multiplayer

Bonus Chapters
Chapter 26: : Texture Atlases
Chapter 27: Performance: Tips and Tricks
Chapter 28: Making Art for Programmers

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