Understanding Augmented Reality: Concepts and Applications

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Augmented reality is not a . Augmented reality is a medium. Likewise, a book on augmented reality that only addresses the that is required to support the medium of augmented reality falls far short of providing the background that is needed to produce, or critically consume augmented reality applications. One reads a book. One watches a movie. One experiences augmented reality. Understanding Augmented Reality addresses the that are required to create compelling augmented reality experiences. The technology that supports augmented reality will come and go, evolve and change. The underlying for creating exciting, useful augmented reality experiences are timeless.

Augmented reality designed from a purely technological perspective will lead to an AR experience that is novel and fun for one-time consumption-but is no more than a toy. Imagine a filmmaking book that discussed cameras and special effects , but ignored cinematography and storytelling!  In order to create compelling augmented reality experiences that stand the test of time and cause the participant in the AR experience to focus on the content of the experience - rather than the technology - one must consider how to maximally exploit the affordances of the medium.

Understanding Augmented Reality addresses core conceptual issues regarding the medium of augmented reality as well as the technology required to support compelling augmented reality.  By addressing AR as a medium at the conceptual level in addition to the technological level, the reader will learn to conceive of AR applications that are not limited by today's technology.  At the same time, ample examples are provided that show what is possible with current technology.

  • Explore the different techniques, technologies and approaches used in developing AR applications. This book helps untangle the seemingly endless different approaches that are being taken in the market today.
  • Learn from the author's deep experience in virtual reality and augmented reality applications to succeed right off the bat, and avoid many of the traps that catch new developers and users of augmented reality experiences.
  • Some AR examples can be experienced from within the book using downloadable software
  • Associated website includes: additional cool application examples available for download, links to interesting applications, and videos that support the points being made in the book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 What is Augmented Reality?
Chapter 2 Augmented Reality Concepts
Chapter 3 Content is Key! Augmented Reality Content
Chapter 4 Augmented Reality
Chapter 5 Augmented Reality Software
Chapter 6 Interaction in Augmented Reality
Chapter 7 Augmented Reality
Chapter 8 Augmented Reality Applications
Chapter 9 The future of Augmented Reality

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  • Title: Understanding Augmented Reality: Concepts and Applications
  • Author:
  • Length: 296 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2013-06-19
  • ISBN-10: 0240824083
  • ISBN-13: 9780240824086
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